Where to Start?

Drawing from several historical references (“We are what we eat” to “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”) and my education in nutrition re-affirming them, I believe that proper nutrition is the most important determinant of our health (a psychologist may argue otherwise, but I have a counter-argument for that—stay tuned…).  We literally are what we eat, from the structure of our cells to the enzymes that break down our food.  Since I am a science geek at heart, this perhaps was the most influential factor in me getting really serious about the foods that I put into my system (I will save those details for later, however).  Whatever your motivation, the important thing is to start!  

The first place to begin is to look at what you are currently eating.  You don’t know where you are going, unless you know where you are!  For the next day or so, I want you to write down everything that you eat.  From the small bite of your daughter’s dinner to the splash of caramel-flavored coffee creamer you put in your AM coffee.  The best thing is to carry a small pad with you so that you can write the food or beverage down soon after you consume it.  The beauty of it all, is that you are the only one that has to look at what you write down afterwards.  And always remember (no matter how perfect or horrible you think your diet is), leave out any judgements about your current reality and think positively about where you are headed.

On your marks, get your pens and paper ready, go!  

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