Purging Guilt

I thought I would sprinkle in this entry as I am talking about writing down what you eat.  Even though it may be easier said than done (and in fact is a process), don’t feel guilty about what you eat, plain and simple.  Acting to change your life should never be fueled by guilt, which fosters a negative mindset.  Plus, there are enough wrong-doers in the world, please leave the guilt for them!

Food is a necessity of life and that’s not what the emotion of guilt was designed for (and that reason, only God will truly ever know).  My human understanding of this complex emotion, however, is that it is the gut feeling to distinguish right from wrong.  Although, repeating unhealthy (or negative) actions may eliminate guilt’s main purpose and instead create a sense of helplessness about your life’s situation.

Most people are brought up (knowingly or not) with the Puritanical view of guilt where guilt is brought on when going against societal views.  Societal standards, which are not the true dictator of what’s truly right and wrong, is essentially implanted into our psyches.  It’s unfortunately prized to be thin (and not necessarily healthy I might add), so we feel guilty when we overeat or eat food that we think are bad for us.

The bottom line: don’t you worry if you don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables or too many “bad” foods most of the time.  Recognizing feelings of guilt and getting rid of them is a process and is a critical step in healthy long-lasting change to a healthier you.  So the next time you eat a double-fudge cupcake, a juicy hamburger, or a carrot cake cheesecake from Juniors (I had to throw that in because it is my ultimate favorite!), enjoy and love every bite of it (preferably slowly) and most importantly, without an ounce of guilt.

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