Eat Real (NOT a Chemistry Experiment!)

“Yeah I eat real, I’m not eating plastic am I!”  In truth, REAL food doesn’t include the thousands of edible food-like substances that adorn the average supermarket shelf.  And REAL food doesn’t need a health claim or a chemical dictionary to help you pronounce the ingredients in them.  The food industry has a sly and deceptive way of marketing their products as real when in fact they are far from it.  REAL real food is instead often times simple and recognizable (food like hummus would be a good example of an exception) and as close to its natural form as possible.  If it says that it’s a “fruit” bar, you should at least see a seed or something remotely resembling components of the fruit. Unfortunately “fruit” snacks in the shapes of fruit don’t cut it.   My people, it’s time to EAT REAL!

Eat MORE of this:

Eat LESS of this:


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