Mostly Plants

I know for some of you, Bugs Bunny popped into your mind.  I in fact remember making fun of the girl who always had baby carrots in her lunch in high school, and I think of this memory every time I pull out mine now.  Now I understand why Bugs Bunny was happy all the time 😉  But what I have learned, is the plant category includes a host of yummy foods other than carrots and grass, but of course you have to know how to spice them up.  Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, beans, nuts, and whole grains can all be prepared to give you a gustatory orgasm if you or another person knows what they are doing.

Frequent the recipes page to get ideas on meals that center mostly on plants, and trust me, your colon will thank you.  When adding more plant-based foods into your diet, however, make sure you drink plenty of water as it will avoid any potential bloating or gas.

2 Comments on “Mostly Plants

  1. Investigations on the use of herbal medicines and plant as one of the old form of health care drugs considered. From the beginning, by helping people to make healthy and smooth. This is the main reason why herbal science known for thousands of years. Since ancient times our ancestors used some herbs to cure their illness and other medical purposes. In comparison to modern medical therapies, it is relatively safe alternative for many years.

    At the end of the 20th Century, the increasing use of herbal remedies more. Currently, a large number of hospitals with alternative medicine for treatment of contemporary medicine. Help with the better herbal science, the scientists for medical research, medical science, the union of herbal medicine with the basic functions of our body chemistry to understand.

  2. Yes indeed. Plants and herbs in their natural form have been used as medicine for centuries. I suppose my issue with certain drugs that are now used is the isolation and concentration of what is thought of as the active ingredient from various plants. Foods, herbs, and natural chemicals found in nature work together in ways that are beyond scientific understanding. I hope that one day there will be a fusion of alternative and contemporary medicine within the Western health care model

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