Not Too Much

Step away from the buffet line for the 3rd time.  Although I say this in jest, it is truly not just the buffet line that is the problem.  It is the average portion size at just about any restaurant (well at least for the most part.  This doesn’t include the restaurants where– those who can afford it–pay $100 to 200 per plate.  Ironic isn’t it….things that make you go hmmm.  But I digress).  Listening to body cues and knowing when you are full is key, and in fact may take some time if you are used to overeating.  Perhaps, we should follow the Japanese health principle of “hara hachi bu,” meaning eat until you are 80% full.   Although, perhaps only a zen master can sense his or her body to that exact percentage, the bottom line is to not stuff yourself (Ahhhh the nostalgia of my long-lost days at Carrabbas and Ruby Tuesdays).  “Hara hachi bu!”   

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