Finding the Time to Eat Real

Unfortunately, the fact remains that it takes time to eat real.  Although great health should be readily available and therefore convenient for all, this is sadly not the case in this day and age (There are some things in life that we just have to suck up and bear and this is one of them!).   It’s convenient to run into a take-out restaurant for dinner and it is even easier to go through the drive-thru at Micky D’s.  It certainly isn’t convenient to come home after work and make dinner, but consider the alternative–the inconvenience of having a heart attack, having to take 2 or more different pills to regulate your blood pressure, or having to inject yourself with insulin 3 times a day (and some of you may already have to do this, but the choices you make today will impact your tomorrows). 

Although it sounds like an extreme conclusion to jump to, convenience foods (which are now available any- and everywhere) are not convenient for our health.  And this certainly includes Uncle Ben’s pre-seasoned rice packages or the oven-baked chicken pot pies in the frozen food sections. If you stroll down any grocery store aisle you will be bombarded with these “convenient” foods, which are often loaded with unhealthy levels of salt, unhealthy fats, and added sugars.  Well, let me back track, because there is the ultimate convenience food–fresh fruit. But that doesn’t suffice for a well-balanced meal!  
So we know we need to eat real, and we know we have limited time.  What to do, what to do?  One step is to objectively look at what you currently spend your time doing (and this argument may very well not be valid for the single mother of 2 children who works a 9-5, but being honest with yourself is key!).  Studies in this area actually find that people have more time than before due to convenient technological advancements (i.e., the electronic can opener and other electronic kitchen devices), but instead we find time to do other things, such as watching TV or looking up things on the internet.  If you’ve looked honestly at your day and find this to be the case, step away from the electronic device!!
If the scenario above doesn’t apply to you (and even if it does), eating real will require a little more planning on your part (well A LOT of planning).    Remember, this is a journey that requires you to take it one goal at a time, NOT all at one time.  Stay tuned for the next blog entry on time-saving tips, but meanwhile take a look at the Tips page for some ideas to help you plan your next grocery shopping trip, as well as the Recipes page.  

2 Comments on “Finding the Time to Eat Real

  1. HI Alison!
    This is Aliyah's mom and I just wanted to tell you how good this site looks : ).
    May God bless your endeavors!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Edwards! I hope that you enjoy the content as well 🙂 I can only hope that others enjoy and learn from what I am putting out into the cyber world. God willing they will.

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