Rules into Action

The next time you go grocery shopping consider Michael Pollan’s Food Rules of Eat Real and Eat Mostly Plants.  As much as possible, limit the number of edible-like food substances in your cart and replace them with more real food. Spend more time in the produce section, and if time is a major issue (which it is for most), stock up on frozen vegetables without added salt.   A general (and ideal) rule of thumb is to stay in the perimeter of the grocery store where you will find the produce, dairy, meat, and seafood.  With anything there are always exceptions.  You can find heart-healthy nuts and beans in the center aisles, as well as herbs, spices, and whole grains.  Unsalted or low-salt versions of foods are best, especially if you are African American or Hispanic.  Blacks and Latinos are more likely to develop high blood pressure than whites, perhaps (this is my theory) due to evolutionary adaptations to warmer climates and the diets of the region.  

See more helpful grocery shopping tips in a short clip on the videos page. 

And when eating out or at home, try to take into consideration Michael Pollan’s last food rule of Not Too Much.  Eating on smaller plates is a great way to start (and not getting seconds of course).  And when eating out, order an appetizer as your meal, take half of your food home, or even split the meal with a friend.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I have to constantly remind myself of this rule.  Hey, I only have my Aunt’s cooking one time a year and I use this faulty logic almost every year.  Very faulty indeed, since we take home doggie bags and have the same meal the next day.  

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