Azodia..carbon…What? Just Another Chemical in Our Foods

Subway-Picture When you think of the soles of tennis shoes, yoga mats, and pleather (fake leather ;)), you may not think of bread.  But think again.  The tongue twisting chemical, azodiacarbonamide, is used in some breads as a “dough conditioner” to make bread nice and fluffy or in the case of yoga mats, nice and cushiony.  As a result of blogger, Vani Hari, and over 58,000 who brought light to the issue through a petition, Subway has vowed to remove the chemical from its breads.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, azodiacarbonamide is a chemical that is considered “Generally” Recognized as Safe (GRAS) to use in foods (read previous articles on GRAS: Part I and Part II) at low levels.  In spite of this, however, Subway is vowing to remove this chemical from its bread, but this isn’t the case for other food companies.       This food chemical is one of many food ingredients that are still allowed in the U.S. food supply but banned in the UK, Europe, and Australia.  This example is yet another reason to cook real food at home and eat foods with the shortest ingredient list with words you can actually pronounce!

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