Eating on a Budget

10 Ways of Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating on a Budget

1.  Buy in bulk:

Buying items in bulk or as family packs usually cost less.  Suggested foods:  non-perishable items, nuts, some perishable items such as meat, fish, bread that can be frozen until you’re ready to use them.

 2.  Buy produce that are in season:

These fruits and vegetables are more likely to be on sale.

 3.  Go with frozen fruit and vegetables:

Make sure to get the vegetables without marinade packets because these are often loaded with sodium.

 4.  Keep it simple and avoid the center aisles:

Avoid pre-packaged foods (i.e., get a head of lettuce instead of bagged lettuce, or carrots instead of baby carrots) and processed foods that are loaded with unhealthy saturated fat and salt.

5.  Put your leftovers to good use:

Rather than throwing away leftovers, add them to your next meal. Leftover vegetables can be added to a casserole or blended to make soup. Leftover or overripe fruit is great to add to smoothies.

 6.  Buy store brands when possible:

Store brand almost always beat the brand name prices and are typically made with the same ingredients.

7.  Write a grocery list based on healthy planned meals for the week:

Grocery lists help prevent impulse purchases of foods we typically don’t even need.

8.  Compare unit prices:

Check the unit price on the store shelf for products that come in different sizes and choose the product with the lowest unit price.

9.  Go meatless:

Meatless meals can cut down on cost as well as up your intake of veggies.  Substitute beans (raw or low-sodium canned varieties), mushrooms, eggplant, or butternut squash in place of meat.  Also, investing in a crockpot can save both time and money.  Explore new bean recipes using a crockpot!

10.  Use coupons, but use cautiously:

Coupons are a great way to save, because all dollars add up.  But also beware that coupons are oftentime for highly processed food items that aren’t the healthiest.

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