Nutrition 101

This section of the website addresses the critical point that knowledge is power and key to motivating and empowering you on your journey to great health.

So why do we care about nutrition?  Does good nutrition mean taking your multivitamin each day or eating foods with added vitamins and fibers?  If you’ve started reading the blog thus far, you will know that proper nutrition is far beyond this.  “We are what we eat” is the bottom line.  Foods provide us with the basic building blocks for proper functioning of our bodies and are responsible for the proper growth, maintenance, and repair of the body.   Eating the right foods help to prevent disease and in the words of what some call the “father of medicine,” Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Although some may be hesitant to put it in these terms, God designed us as perfect machines and provided us with the foods to properly fuel these well-designed machines, called you and I!  Research proves this with the slew of studies saying that consuming fruits and vegetables cuts back on disease risk and eating real, whole foods such as those of the Mediterranean diet likewise protects the body from disease.

With that said, think of yourself as a modern-day luxury car.  You wouldn’t dare put regular or diesel fuel in your new BMW or Mercedes, but instead would put in the premium fuel that the car runs better on.   The bottom line is that real, whole foods are our premium fuel and we deserve the best to live our lives optimally.   If you’re tired all the time and feel like your tank is running on empty, think of what fuel (aka food) you are using to fill up your tank.

Check out other sections of the site to learn more about:

What is Nutrition?

  1. The science of food and its components, called nutrients
  2. How these nutrients interact with each other and how they affect our health
  3. How our bodies processes them from the time we eat them to the time we eliminate them through our (hopefully) daily bathroom rituals

What are Nutrients?

Nutrients are substances that contribute to the growth, maintenance, and repair of our bodies.  Nutrients:

  • Provide materials for the basic building blocks of your body
    • You and I are amazingly made up over 3 billion cells that come together to form a functioning being.  Each of these cells actually contains fats, carbohydrates, and proteins that (believe it or not) come from the foods we eat.  Bare with me for a moment, but do you recall Newton’s principle of  “energy is neither created nor destroyed’?  Well this relates to food and the nutrients we eat as well.  These nutrients become the building blocks for our bodies.  Of course we think of calcium we may think bones, we think fat and we think of our love handles, but the nutrients we eat make up every little piece of you and I, because we really are what we eat.
  • Regulate key processes in the body
    • Are you feeling ill?  Although it doesn’t feel like it, your body’s immune system is fighting the bacteria or virus causing your sickness.  These immune cells contain proteins that are essential in making this system work properly.  But don’t jump to the extreme, because this doesn’t mean that if you eat a lot of food with protein, you’ll be resistant to sickness, this just means you need a balance in your diet.  Because a host of vitamins and minerals are also important for this response as well (see section on vitamins and minerals).
  • Participate in the metabolic reactions to provide energy to sustain life
    • Walking to go get your mail?  Your body is utilizing certain B vitamins to effectively use the carbohydrates from food as fuel.

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