Gain Great Health is about living your life to its fullest potential.  Health is not just avoiding getting sick or not having to go to the doctor, but instead encompasses a balance between physical, mental, and spiritual well-being that is often overlooked in today’s disease-care-, fast-paced society.  Although in theory, leading a healthy lifestyle sounds like a straightforward task, we live in a system that makes a healthy living very difficult (as we are well aware!).  While you’ll note that the site talks about nutrition and food-related issues, other aspects of health and general well-being are also sprinkled throughout.  Besides, we basically are what we eat!

Ultimately, the Gain Great Health website has something for everyone.  From practical recipes and quick meal ideas to articles about food policy concerns and food industry practices and the basics of nutrition.   The blog itself is a mix of a variety of health-related topics and other parts of the site include recipes, cooking tips, quick meal ideas, and the ins and outs of nutrition.  Take note of the “Photo-Motivation” page to get inspired and think about a topic in a new light.  The bottom line is motivation, knowledge, and empowerment to make positive changes for your health, whatever that may mean for you—whether you are a working mother of two on a tight budget looking for healthy, quick meal ideas or a nutrition and wellness enthusiast who wants credible information on food issues.
Read on, enjoy, learn, and most importantly, get inspired on your journey toward great health!

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